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The College of Optometrists in Vision Development is the premier certifying organization for specialists in vision therapy; visit its site for insight into vision development.

Visit this site for consumer/patient information on how undetected vision problems can affect learning and school performance.

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Article by an eye doctor explains how and why vision problems can interfere with reading skills. See the illustrations!


Jessica's grades have all gone up at least one grade. She enjoys reading now and doesn't dread it. As a matter of fact, she reads to her little sister all the time. I was a bit doubtful of vision therapy until I saw the change myself in her drifting eye and her schoolwork. 
    Tracey Marcoux, Jessica's Mother

I can do my schoolwork without my eye going out. I no longer see double. I don't lose my place in reading. It is not as hard to see the blackboard. 
    Jessica L. Marcoux

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